A walk to discover the most famous and lesser-known Padua in search of interesting corners in order to grasp the character of the city. This tour includes the visit at Giotto's masterpiece "The Scrovegni Chapel" and the highlights in the town center like the University Palazzo del Bo, the famous Caffé Pedrocchi, the medieval Palazzo della Ragione (courthouse) a walk through the lively market squares Piazze delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta, and last but not least the Basilica of Saint Anthony


Regarded as one of the oldest Universities, a visit of Palazzo del Bo, allows you to Know the history of this ancient University founded in 1222 through famous names as Galileo, Morgagni, Vesalio, Copernico and the places they thought or studied. Created in 1545, the Botanical Garden of Padova is the oldest existing university botanical garden in the world. A visit to the garden will not only be educational but also a pleasure for all senses, smell, sight and a real relaxation for your mind


The genius odf archtecture and his followers: the civilizationis one of the marks of Veneto Region , rich in history and culture. Andrea Palladio has been undoubtely the one who realized noble's ideals. He planned as many as 24 villas, today included in the World Heritage Site UNESCO. His architecture has played an influential role in the revolution that changed the face of Europe. Only to mention Inigo Jones or Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.