Padua is one of those cities that you immediately feel like you know, where it's easy to get around, where it's easy to feel good.

 The city of the Saint without a name, of the Meadow without grass and of the Café without doors, reminds us a popular saying 

City of a thousand facets, chosen by students for the famous university, by scientists and men of letters, sculptors, by writers and poets, Shakespeare, Galileo, Elena Cornaro Piscopia, Goldoni, Casanova, Goethe, just to name a few.

In the shade of its buildings, sitting at a table in a large café or in the lively squares enjoying a good sandwich, a horseradish sandwich, sipping a Spritz or a local beer, or why not, standing under the 800 years old  market arcades and enjoying a fish delicacy 

There are many possible itineraries, we will certainly spend a few hours immersed in 360° culture


Classical tour

XX century Padua

A Port in the city

Renaissance: Mantegna e Donatello

Unesco paintings